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I publish computer zines at Wizard Zines.

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Wizard Zines' first print run: Help! I have a Manager!
Implementing 'focus and reply' for Fastmail with JMAP
Some possible future zines
Some more CSS comics
An attempt to make a font look more handwritten
Some CSS comics
When your coworker does great work, tell their manager
scanimage: scan from the command line!
Twitter summary from 2020 so far
saturday comics: a weekly mailing list of programming comics

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Cool computer tools / features / ideas

PaperWM: tiled window management for GNOME
SQLite is really easy to compile
Tailwind: style your site without writing any CSS!
An awesome new Python profiler: py-spy!
Batch editing files with ed
Glitch: write fun small web projects instantly
Binder: an awesome tool for hosting Jupyter notebooks
Cool vim feature: sessions!
Data structure: the treap!
a tiny whack-a-mole game
Log-structured storage
Using the Strict-Transport-Security header
The fish shell is awesome
homu + highfive: awesome bots that make open source projects easier
you can take the derivative of a regular expression?!
tcpdump is amazing
How to measure your CPU time: clock_gettime!
Fast integer sets with Roaring Bitmaps (and, making friends with your modern CPU)
Sendfile (a system call for web developers to know about!)
PAPERS ARE AMAZING: Profiling threaded programs with Coz
LD_PRELOAD is super fun. And easy!

Computer networking

What happens when you update your DNS?
How to put an HTML page on the internet
Networking tool comics!
An example of how C++ destructors are useful in Envoy
Some Envoy basics
Editing my blog's HTTP headers with Cloudflare workers
IP addresses & routing
netdev day 2: moving away from "as fast as possible" in networking code
netdev day 1: IPsec!
How I use Wireshark
A few things I've learned about computer networking
Finding out if/why a server is dropping packets
What's a network interface?
Iptables basics
netdev conference, day 3
netdev conference, day 2
How to filter packets super fast: XDP & eBPF!
netdev conference, day 1
Slow down your internet with tc
How big can a packet get?
Dissecting an SSL certificate
What's interesting about UDP?
Why do UDP packets get dropped?
How do HTTP requests get sent to the right place?
Why do we use the Linux kernel's TCP stack?
What are SSL ciphers & session keys?
CDNs aren't just for caching

How a computer thing works

Why strace doesn't work in Docker
Getting started with shaders: signed distance functions!
"server" is hard to define
How tracking pixels work
How containers work: overlayfs
SQL queries don't start with SELECT
How does gdb call functions?
How do groups work on Linux?
Async IO on Linux: select, poll, and epoll
Weird unix thing: 'cd //'
What happens when you start a process on Linux?
How does gdb work?
Should you be scared of Unix signals?
I conquered thread pools! For today, at least.
Thread pools! How do I use them?
What is "the stack"?
Why Ruby’s Timeout is dangerous (and Thread.raise is terrifying)
Why you should understand (a little) about TCP
How the locate command works (and let's write a faster version in one minute!)
How gzip uses Huffman coding
Diving into concurrency: trying out mutexes and atomics
How does SQLite work? Part 2: btrees! (or: disk seeks are slow don't do them!)
How does SQLite work? Part 1: pages!
How is a binary executable organized? Let's explore it!
What happens if you write a TCP stack in Python?
Diving into HDFS
Three steps to learning GDB

Kubernetes / containers

Operating a Kubernetes network
Reasons Kubernetes is cool
How Kubernetes certificate authorities work
Cherry picking commits & shell scripting in golang
How does the Kubernetes scheduler work?
A few things I've learned about Kubernetes
Swapping, memory limits, and cgroups
A container networking overview
What happens when you run a rkt container?
Running containers without Docker
What even is a container: namespaces and cgroups
A list of Linux container software
"I just want to run a container!"
Some questions about Docker and rkt
Docker is amazing

Zines / comics

New zine: How Containers Work!
New zine: Become a SELECT Star!
Your Linux Toolbox: a box set of my free zines
New zine: HTTP: Learn your browser's language!
New zine: Bite Size Networking!
New zine: Oh shit, git!
New zine: Help! I have a manager!
New zine: Bite Size Command Line!
New zine: Profiling & tracing with perf!!
New zine: So you want to be a wizard
Linux comics: a small zine
Linux tracing zine
"Let's learn tcpdump" zine: now available for everyone
New zine: let's learn tcpdump!
New zine: "Networking! ACK!"
A tiny zine about machine learning
More drawings about computers
A few drawings about Linux
New zine: Linux debugging tools you'll love
A few sketches
A zine about strace


Questions to help people decide what to learn
Challenge: find Twitter memes with suffix arrays
Solutions to the tiny window manager challenge
Challenge: Write a bouncy window manager
What makes a programming exercise good?
Notes on building SQL exercises
git exercises: navigate a repository
curl exercises

On writing comics / zines

Some notes on vector drawing apps
Some research on shipping print zines
Zine revenue for 2019
Taking a year to explain computer things
How to write zines with simple tools
How do you document a tech project with comics?
When does teaching with comics work well?
Why sell zines?
How to teach technical concepts with cartoons
Handwritten books
An idea for a programming book
Why cute drawings?
How (and why) I made a zine


!!Con 2019: submit a talk!
Systems We Love 2016
PolyConf 2016
Women in Machine Learning 2015 (fun!!!)
AdaCamp Montreal 2015
Data Day Texas 2015
PyData NYC (I gave a machine learning talk! yay!)
Strange Loop 2014
!!Con talks are up
♥ PyCon
CUSEC = fun
PyData Boston 2013
Open Data Exchange 2013
Montreal All-Girl Hack Night #2: now with cookies
Montreal All-Girl Hack Night #1: AMAZING

Organizing conferences

Ideas for making better conference talks & conferences
You can choose who submits talks to your conference
Should my conference do anonymous review?
Anonymous talk review is amazing.

Businesses / marketing

A few early marketing thoughts
Who pays to educate developers?
I started a corporation!

Statistics / machine learning / data analysis

Some nonparametric statistics math
Some good "Statistics for programmers" resources
How do these "neural network style transfer" tools work?
A few reasons to be skeptical of machine learning
Looking inside machine learning black boxes
Winning the bias-variance tradeoff
How to trick a neural network into thinking a panda is a vulture
Is machine learning safe to use?
Some easy statistics: Bootstrap confidence intervals
A/A testing
Fun with machine learning: logistic regression!
Fun with machine learning: does your model actually work?
Fun with stats: How big of a sample size do I need?
Machine learning isn't Kaggle competitions
A pandas cookbook
Graphing bike path data with IPython Notebook and pandas

Year in review

2019: Year in review
2018: Year in review
2017: Year in review
2016: Year in review
2015: Year in review

Infrastructure / operations engineering

New talk: High Reliability Infrastructure Migrations
Some notes on running new software in production
What can developers learn from being on call?
Bash scripting quirks & safety tips
Ideas about how to use AWS
Service discovery at Stripe
Consistency vs availability (wat?)
What's devops?
Operations for software developers for beginners
How do you do capacity planning?
Why I love log files
TIL: clock skew exists
Fear makes you a worse programmer

Career / work

When debugging, your attitude matters
Questions you can ask about compensation
Get your work recognized: write a brag document
What's a senior engineer's job?
Some possible career goals
Open source sabbatical = awesome
Writing performance reviews with positive constructive feedback
Taking a sabbatical to work on Ruby profiling tools
Telling people what you're working on
Writing down my career
Hiring & opportunity
Choosing the "best software"
Getting things done
How I got a CS degree without learning what a system call is
Release it, then build it
How do you decide what to work on?
Three ways to solve hard programming problems
Talking about stock options = awesome
Things you should know about stock options before negotiating an offer
How I got better at debugging
1:1 topic ideas
How I learned to program in 10 years
Stopping to think
Becoming a better developer (it's not just writing more programs)
Sounding confident in interviews
What my technical interviews have looked like
Questions I'm asking in interviews

Working with others / communication

Making small culture changes
How do you make an awesome team?
Learning to like design documents
Senior engineering & fantasy heroes
On reading the source code, not the docs
Pair programming is amazing! Except... when it's not.
Pair programming

Remote work

Working remotely, 4 years in
Surviving meetings while remote
Working remote, 8 months in (seeing humans is important!)
Working remote, 3 months in
Reports from remote-land: remote pairing works great!

Talks transcripts / podcasts

Build impossible programs
A few recent podcasts
Talk: Building a Ruby profiler
How does the internet work? podcast
A swiss army knife of debugging tools: talk & transcript
Notes from my PyData Berlin keynote
A few notes on my CUSEC talk
Ruby Rogues podcast: systems programming tricks!

On blogging / speaking

Metaphors in man pages
Organizing this blog into categories
Talks I'd love to see at RustConf
Measuring a blog's success: focus on conversations, not page views
How I set up an automatic weekly blog digest
Blogging principles I use
Switching to Hugo
"advice" for aspiring tech bloggers
Reproducing awesomeness
How to set up a blog in 5 minutes
Open sourced talks!
You should give talks. They will be awesome. Here's why!
Trying out Octopress

On learning

How to teach yourself hard things
How to answer questions in a helpful way
Learning at work
So you want to be a wizard
Rules of programming experiments
How to ask good questions
Asking good questions is hard (but worth it)
How does knowledge get locked up in people's heads?
Asking questions is a superpower
"Ask if you have questions" isn't enough


Rust in 2018: it's way easier to use!
My first Rust macro
Debugging a segfault in my Rust program
Bindgen: awesome Rust tool for generating C bindings
What's a reference in Rust?
Learning systems programming with Rust
A second try at using Rust
Calling C from Rust
Why I ❤ Rust
My Rust OS will never be finished (and it's a success!)
Writing an OS in Rust in tiny steps (Steps 1-5)
Some things my kernel can't do

Linux debugging / tracing tools

What does debugging a program look like?
A perf cheat sheet
Linux tracing systems & how they fit together
Notes on BPF & eBPF
3 short screencasts (/proc, tcpdump, strace)
ftrace: trace your kernel functions!
Linux debugging tools I love
Using ltrace to debug a memory leak
A useful new strace feature
A workshop on strace & tcpdump
How does perf work? (in which we read the Linux kernel source)
perf top: an awesome way to spy on CPU usage
A few spy tools for your operating system (other than strace!)
Seeing system calls with perf instead of strace
Spying on Hadoop with strace
I can spy on my CPU cycles with perf!
Debug your programs like they're closed source!
Debugging shared library problems with strace
More practical uses for strace!
Using strace to avoid reading Ruby code
Spying on ssh with strace
Understanding how killall works using strace

Debugging stories

Reverse engineering the Notability file format
Debugging netlink requests
A small website mystery
Investigating Erlang by reading its system calls
Surprises in Ruby HTTP libraries
Nancy Drew and the Case of the Slow Program

Fan posts about awesome work by other people

Awesome NLP tutorials by Allison Parrish
Like zines about computers? You might love Bubblesort Zines
A magical machine learning art tool
"A Critique of the CAP Theorem"
Some of my favorite blogs
A few blogs I really like
Julia Serano's 'Excluded'
Transit maps: 1941 vs 2011


No feigning surprise
A litmus test for job descriptions
Women-only spaces are a hack
An argument for hiring junior developers
Programming doesn't belong to men (it belongs to me)
What women in technology really think (150 of them, at least)
When is "guys" gender neutral? I did a survey!


Documentation site for rbspy!
Prototyping an ltrace clone using eBPF
Profiler week 6/7: more experiments, and a `report` subcommand!
Profiler week 5: Mac support, experiments profiling memory allocations
Writing eBPF tracing tools in Rust
Spying on a Ruby process's memory allocations with eBPF
Profiler week 4: callgrind support, containers, Mac progress!
I think I found a Mac kernel bug?
How do you spy on a program running in a container?
How do you read the memory maps of a Mac process?
Profiler week 3: refactoring, better testing, and an alpha release!
Profiler week 2: support for 1.9.3 -> 2.5.0, and line numbers!
Should I pause a Ruby process to collect its stack?
Profiler adventures: resolving symbol addresses is hard!
Profiler week 1: testing & profiling stripped binaries
How are Ruby's headers different from Python's headers?
How often do Ruby's stack struct definitions change?
How do Ruby & Python profilers work?
How to spy on a Ruby program


Profiling Go programs with pprof
How much memory is my process using?
Benchmarking correctly is hard (and techniques for doing it better)
The Etsy site performance report is amazing
Some links on Java garbage collection
Java garbage collection can be really slow
I/O matters.
Have high expectations for your computers
How CPU load averages work (and using them to triage webserver performance!)
Java isn't slow
A millisecond isn't fast (and how we made it 100x faster)
Computers are *fast*!

Open source

Figuring out how to contribute to open source
A few questions about open source
Learning at open source sprints (no preparation required)
Don't feel guilty about not contributing to open source

Linux systems stuff

How to get a core dump for a segfault on Linux
Things to learn about Linux
Guessing Linux kernel registers
You can be a kernel hacker!
Recovering files using /proc (and spying, too!)
4 paths to being a kernel hacker

Recurse center

How I spent my time at the Recurse Center
How I did Hacker School: ignoring things I understand and doing the impossible
Hacker School's Secret Strategy for Being Super Productive (or: Help.)
"How was Hacker School?"
Day 46: Never Graduate
Day 45: I now have Rust code for executing executables!
Day 44: qemu + gdb = so great
Day 42: How to run a simple ELF executable, from scratch (I don't know)
Day 41: Linkers are upsetting
Day 39: Writing malloc wrong, for fun
Day 40: 12 things I learned today about linkers.
Day 40: Linkers are amazing.
Day 38: After 6 days, I have problems that I can't understand at all
Day 37: After 5 days, my OS doesn't crash when I press a key
Day 36: On programming without malloc
Day 35: Types in Rust, for beginners
How to call Rust from assembly, and vice versa
Videos from PyData NYC are up!
What happens when you run 'Hello, world'
Writing a kernel using rustboot & rust-core
Day 34b: Writing curl using my TCP stack
Day 34: The tiniest operating system
Day 33: How to make music with ClojureScript
Day 32: Magical Orchestra!!!
Day 31: Binary trees with core.logic!
Day 30: Making music in Clojure with Overtone. Clojure bugs with laziness! Fun!
Day 29: Trying out Emacs!
Day 28: Made a git workflow visualization webapp!
Day 27: Automatically testing changes in state! Visualizing my Git workflow! Floats!
Day 25: ACK all the things
Day 26: Trying to describe the TCP state machine in a readable way. Failing.
Women in Technology workshop at PyData NYC
Day 24: Unit testing this TCP library
Day 22: Got some TCP packets back!
Day 23: Started writing a TCP stack in Python
NYC Python talk
Day 21: Trying to TCP
Day 19: A few reasons why networking is hard
Day 20: Traceroute in 15 lines of code using Scapy
Day 18: ARP cache poisoning (or: In ur connection, sniffing ur packets)
Day 17: How to write a buffer overflow exploit
Day 16: gzip + poetry = awesome
Do Rails programmers use node.js? Visualizing correlations in command usage
Day 15: How a .gz file is structured, redux
Day 14: When it's hard to write tests, that's when I should be testing
Day 13: Off by one errors
Day 12: Why Julia likes Julia
Day 10: Goals. Goals? Maybe I need to be *reading* more code?
Day 11: How does gzip work?
Day 9: Bytecode is made of bytes! CPython isn't scary!
Day 8: Julia writes Julia! And remembers that open source is hard.
Day 7: An echo server in Clojure
Day 6: I wrote a rootkit!
Day 5: I wrote a kernel module!!!
Where to find bike sharing systems' data feeds
Day 4: Processes vs threads, and kernel modules!
Day 3: What does the Linux kernel even do?
Day 2: netcat fun!
Day 1: What does a shell even do?
Hacker School Day 1: Messing around with the stack in C
Hacker School Day -4: unit testing in C. checkmk!