Julia Evans

All my zines are now available in print!

Hello! In June I announced that I was releasing 4 zines in print and promised “more zines coming soon”. “Soon” has arrived! You can get any zine you want in print now!

I’m doing this now so that you can get zines in the mail in time for Christmas, or any other end-of-year holiday you celebrate :)

you can preorder zines today!

First the basic facts!

  • you can preorder zines as of today
  • the preorder deadline is October 12
  • zines will ship around November 5
  • you’ll get them in time for Christmas
  • more logistical details in the Preorders FAQ

Here’s the link to get them:

Here are a few more notes about how the print zines work – they’re mostly the same as last time

why a preorder?

It makes it easier to decide how many zines to print! I don’t want to accidentally underestimate demand and then not have enough zines for everyone who wants them. With a preorder, everyone can get all the zines they want!

great print quality!

I’m working with the same wonderful print company again to print the zines (Girlie Press). I don’t have photos of the new zines yet, but here are some photos from people who received the last batch of zines:

(these are all Twitter embeds so they probably won’t work if you’re reading this an email / RSS feed)

free shipping!

I never like paying for shipping, so I’ve set up free shipping for US orders over $30, and international orders over $50.

All of the shipping is being managed by a delightful small company called White Squirrel near Seattle, who specialize in shipping for artists. They’ve been a joy to work with for the last 4 months.

a discount if you already bought the PDF version!

If you already bought the PDF version of these zines – thank you so much!! You can use the PDFBUYER discount code for 50% off the print version. You’ll need to use the same email address you used when you bought the PDF. If you run into any problems with that, email me at julia@wizardzines.com.

all print zines include the PDF version too!

If you order the print version and you don’t already have the PDF version – it’s included! You’ll get a link with your confirmation email that’ll let you download the PDF right away.

discounts for buying zines in bulk!

If you want to buy your team zines for Christmas, there’s a 20% discount for orders over $300. Just use code TEAMZINES.

(this is the other thing that I said was “coming soon” last time :))

how to get my free zines in print: Your Linux Toolbox

You might notice that https://store.wizardzines.com doesn’t have print versions of my free zines (like “Networking! ACK!” or “So you want to be a wizard”). You can get those by buying the “Your Linux Toolbox” box set, this blog post has links to where to get it.

(if you’re wondering why Your Linux Toolbox is so much cheaper than the other print zines for sale: it’s pretty simple, it’s because I basically don’t make any money from it :). But it’s great – I love the box!! – and you should order it if you want my free zines in print!)

I’d love to be able to print a similar box for my other zines, but I haven’t found a company that will do it yet! Maybe one day!

working with small businesses that are close to each other is great

When I was originally thinking about how to ship, I considered getting the zines printed in China because it’s cheaper and that’s what a lot of publishers do.

Instead I decided to use a print company (Girlie Press) that’s in the same area as the company that handles my shipping (the Seattle area). I’m really happy with this choice even though it’s a bit more expensive because:

  1. The turnaround time is WAY faster – I can email them and get new zines printed and shipped to the warehouse super quickly. Which means that even if I do a preorder, people don’t actually have to wait that long to get their zines.
  2. Small businesses in general seem more flexible and easier to work with – for example a big fulfillment company I was considering told me that for them to ship stickers for me, every sticker needed to be individually barcoded. And they warned me not to ship them stickers shrink wrapped, because they might accidentally decide that 500 stickers is a single item and ship all 500 to one person. That kind of ridiculous mistake is a lot less likely to happen with a small business :)

New tool: an nginx playground Tools to explore BGP