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You can now buy print version of my zines!

Hello! Quick announcement: I opened a new print zine store last week, so now you can buy print copies of my zines! To start I’ve printed 350 copies of each of the “Bite Size…” zines.

Here’s a photo of the front of the zines and some stickers:

and the back covers:

Here are some notes about how the store works:

great print quality!

I worked with a really good print company (Girlie Press) and printed the zines on some nice paper, so they look WAY nicer than they do when printed on a home printer :). I’m delighted with how they turned out.

When I originally started working on this project I thought about using a print-on-demand company briefly (it sounds so convenient!) but I ordered test prints from all the ones I could find and it turns out that none of them could produce the print quality I wanted.

free shipping!

I never like paying for shipping, so I’ve set up free shipping for US orders over $30, and international orders over $50.

All of the shipping is being managed by a delightful small company called White Squirrel near Seattle, who specialize in shipping for artists. (I’m not handling it myself because I am extremely forgetful and I would just get distracted and forget to ship your order, everybody would suffer)


I’ve also added also some stickers on the store as a bonus – there’s an strace sticker because of my great love for strace, a TCP witch (from the cover of let’s learn tcpdump), and a REALLY CUTE space penguin who I’m personally obsessed with from the cover of how containers work.

If you order the pack of all 4 zines, you’ll get all of the stickers as well as a sticker sheet of the cover of Bite Size Command Line, so you can have awk and grep stickers :)

a discount if you already bought the PDF version!

If you already bought the PDF version of these zines – thank you so much!! You can use the PASTBUYER discount code for 40% off. You’ll need to use the same email address you used when you bought the PDF. If you run into any problems with that, email me at julia@wizardzines.com.

all print zines include the PDF version too!

If you order the print version and you don’t already have the PDF version – it’s included! You’ll get a link with your confirmation email that’ll let you download the PDF right away.

more zines coming soon!

Right now only 4 zines (the “Bite Size…” zines) are available on this store because I wasn’t sure how many to order and didn’t want to end up with thousands of zines in a warehouse by accident (think of the trees!).

But I’ll definitely be adding more zines relatively soon!

hopefully also bulk rates and posters

I’m hoping to add bulk rates soon – like if you want to buy 10 copies of a zine for everyone on team, 30 copies for a class, or 100 copies as swag for a conference.

I’d also like to add some posters to the store at some point, like a how to be a wizard programmer poster.

All of that is coming later though! Sales have been going pretty well so far (we’ve sold almost half of the initial print run!), so thank you ❤.

The print zines ore at https://store.wizardzines.com, or you can find it linked from each zine’s page at https://wizardzines.com/zines/bite-size-bash (click on “print version”)

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