Julia Evans

Montreal All-Girl Hack Night #2: now with cookies

The second hack night was as awesome as the first one – I worked on making music with arduinos with Floh, and other people worked on a netflix autocompleter, a keyboard music-making program in clojure, learning R, and some other things I didn’t catch since I was too busy coding.

Turns out using a piezo speaker to make music is pretty easy!

To encourage people to do more coding, we gave cookies to everyone who coded. As a result, there was way more coding :) And there may be a workshop next time!

A few things:

  • less people came this time, but I’m blaming that on the cold :)
  • We made a wall of post its with programming project ideas. I’m not totally sure if anyone actually got any programming ideas from it, but it was a good conversation starter
  • Someone came up to us after and offered to give an R workshop next time! Yay!
  • We gave cookies to anyone who was anywhere near a computer or looked like they might be looking at code
  • Some people still seemed to want more of a theme or direction for what to work on
  • It continued to cost about $80. Yay!

Next month: Google Montreal is hosting!

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