Julia Evans

A few recent podcasts

In the last few months I was on a few podcasts. Maybe you will like them!

I find podcasts a little scary – my main medium is blogging/writing, which lets me edit it out when I say something in a confusing way. Can’t do that as well on a podcast! They seem to have turned out okay anyway, and I think practicing talking extemporaneously on a subject is useful :)

One surprising-to-me thing about podcasts was that podcasters all care a lot about what recording equipment you use, which makes sense! It turns out that sound quality is important.

I had fun doing all of these – podcasts are WAY easier to organize than talks (no travel!) and now I have a fancy podcasting microphone. And that means I can record more things in the future if I want. I have this dream of making fun animated videos but that probably won’t happen any time soon.

New zine: Bite Size Command Line! I started a corporation!