Julia Evans

Day 29: Trying out Emacs!

At Hacker School I’ve been watching all the Lisp wizards with their emacs attached to magical running Lisp processes where they can change and reload the code in real time. And I am officially jealous.

So I am trying out emacs! Tomorrow I will write Clojure and use Overtone to generate music and it will be wonderful.

And there was a fantastic talk today by Will Byrd about logic & relational programming where he showed how to automatically generate quines and it was mindblowing and fun. So I think I’m going to end up playing with Clojure’s core.logic a bit, because fun.

Definitely using evil mode, though, because I haven’t spent years practicing vim keybindings for nothing =).

Day 28: Made a git workflow visualization webapp! Day 30: Making music in Clojure with Overtone. Clojure bugs with laziness! Fun!