Julia Evans

Day 48: Another Go program, and a little vim configuration

On Wednesday I was feeling tired so I didn’t do too much. I just translated my bash script to set up device mapper from the day before to a Go program.

Today I think I’ll integrate that Go code into my main program!

the go program: set up device mapper

I wrote a little go code which does basically the same thing as the bash script from yesterday (sets up some /dev/mappers).

some fun with vim

I never set up my vim, but when writing Go this week I decided to give the vim-go plugin another shot. So far I’m using 3 features from it:

  • it runs go fmt to I save
  • I can run <leader>gb to build my Go program
  • If I do Ctrl+Enter, it goes to the definition of the function

The format and builder things are fine (it doesn’t seem that much better to me than just switching to a terminal to do the same thing), but the go to definition thing is GREAT. I was trying to read some code from Ignite and it made it a lot faster and easier.

Usually I do “go to definition” with a lot of grep so this was a lot faster.

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