Julia Evans

Day 7: An echo server in Clojure

Today I spent some time on a fun kernel module, but it is not working yet! So here is what I also did.

It did not take very long and I didn’t really learn too much Clojure doing this – this is really just procedural code written in Clojure. I can’t tell yet if this is an appropriate way to write a small Clojure program. Need to get some code review on this.

But it works! You can see the code here: https://gist.github.com/jvns/6910896

You can interact with the server using netcat (see also: Day 2: netcat fun!). The -u option here tells netcat to use UDP instead of TCP.

bork@kiwi ~/w/h/clorrent> nc -u localhost 12345
Hi, Clojure!
Hi, Clojure!

If you don’t want to set up a whole Leinengen project to run this, you can use lein-exec.

This is the first step towards maybe writing a BitTorrent client in Clojure – many other people are writing BitTorrent client and really enjoying it, and I’m jealous. We’ll see if it happens!

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