Julia Evans

Open sourced talks!

The wonderful Sumana Harihareshwara recently tweeted that she released her talk A few Python Tips as CC-BY. I thought this was a super cool idea!

After all, if you’ve put in a ton of work to put a talk or workshop together, it’s wonderful if other people can benefit from that as much as possible. And none of us have an unlimited amount of time to give talks.

Stephanie Sy, a developer in the Phillippines, emailed me recently to tell me that she used parts of my pandas cookbook to run a workshop. IN THE PHILIPPINES. How cool is that? She put her materials online, too!.

So if you want to give a talk about how to do data analysis with Python, you too can reuse these materials in any way you see fit! You can get materials for talks I’ve given on this page of talks. Just attribute me, and maybe tell me about it because THAT WOULD BE COOL :)

In other open source talks news, Software Carpentry also has MIT-licensed lesson materials! Want to give an novice introduction to git? Go to the SWC bootcamp respository and look in novice/git! They even take pull requests.

Ruby Rogues podcast: systems programming tricks! Pair programming is amazing! Except... when it's not.