Julia Evans

New zine: Help! I have a manager!

I just released a new zine! It’s called “Help! I have a manager!”

This zine is everything I wish somebody had told me when I started out in my career and had no idea how I was supposed to work with my manager. Basically I’ve learned along the way that even when I have a great manager, there are still a lot of things I can do to make sure that we work well together, mostly around communicating clearly! So this zine is about how to do that.

You can get it for $10 at https://wizardzines.com/zines/manager. Here’s the cover and table of contents:

The cover art is by Deise Lino. Tons of people helped me write this zine – thanks to Allison, Brett, Jay, Kamal, Maggie, Marc, Marco, Maya, Will, and many others.

a couple of my favorite pages from the zine

I’ve been posting pages from the zine on twitter as I’ve been working on it. Here are a couple that I think are especially useful – some tips for what even to talk about in 1:1s, and how to do better at asking for feedback.

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