Julia Evans

A few drawings about Linux

For the last few days, I’ve been doing a drawing about Linux on my Twitter every day. Here they are. (more at drawings.jvns.ca)

It’s been really lovely to see the response to these – some of these (like /proc) I’ve known about for quite a while, and it makes me really happy to hear “wow, I didn’t know that! That’s really cool!”

I’ll try to keep up making one a day for the rest of November.

Drawing these is a fun puzzle – I can’t draw most things (a cat? forget it!) so I need to figure out which things are within my capabilities (a lighting bolt? stars? hearts? okay!) and will communicate what I want.

You will probably also notice that I struggle to keep a consistent font weight :) I’m learning what I think looks good slowly. I’ve been using this Android app called “infinite design” to make vector drawings and they turn out nicer.

What happens when you run a rkt container? Why cute drawings?