Julia Evans

New zine: "Networking! ACK!"

HI FRIENDS. In December, I started writing a zine about computer networking! In it, I explain everything that happens when you download this image from the internet, in as much detail as I can fit in 24 pages.

Have you been seeing cool drawings about networking concepts on Twitter from me, and wondering “Julia, I really want to have all of these in one place, how can I get that??“? This is what I was working on!

Here’s the (amazing) cover, by rad programmer Lee Baillie.

This zine explains:

  • how packets are put together
  • all the steps to download a cat: DNS, sockets, TCP connections, HTTP, and TLS
  • networking notation
  • networking layers
  • what even is a “port”
  • and more!

I’m really excited about this – I spent a really long time being confused about how any of this networking stuff worked AT ALL, and I’m hoping this zine will help some people understand a few more things.

Also I am worried about what is happening in the world this week, and I wanted to do a small thing to help.

Read the networking zine today! It’s at https://wizardzines.com/zines/networking.

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