Julia Evans

Day 56: A little WebAssembly

I spent a bunch of time yesterday pairing with Rachel and Jeff on figuring out how to do art in Rust!

I learned that it’s easier to get started with WebAssembly than I thought – all we had to do to get this canvas smiley face example running was:

git clone https://github.com/rustwasm/wasm-bindgen/
cd wasm-bindgen/examples/canvas
npm install
npm run serve

At first I was confused because the instructions said to use npm, but this is a Rust program! What’s going on! But npm run serve) is actually running a bunch of cargo commands behind the scenes.

On my slow computer the example took maybe 10 minutes to compile, and it took about 2 minutes on my fast about.

That’s all! Having been reminded that Rust exists, I might work on some rbspy issues today.

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