Julia Evans

New zine: Profiling & tracing with perf!!

Hello! I’m delighted to announce that today I’m releasing a new zine: Profiling & tracing with perf!!

perf is one of my favorite programs for profiling / tracing Linux programs and SO MANY people don’t know about it and don’t know how to get started. So this zine aims to get you started and show why it’s great, as usual :)

how these zines are funded

A quick note on funding!! I decided a while back that giving away zines 100% for free wasn’t working for me. Making them is a lot of work! So I came up with a new plan.

The way it works now is – when I release a new zine, I’ll put it up for sale ($10 for the PDF) if you want early access. Then after 2-3 weeks or so, I’ll put it up on this website for free. I used to have donation links on my zines page but nobody really used them so I don’t do that anymore :)

So I put this perf zine up for sale a few weeks ago, 250 of you bought early access to the zine (thank you!!) and I feel great about that. And today I’m releasing it for free so that everyone else can read it too!

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