Julia Evans

New zine: Linux debugging tools you'll love

HELLO FRIENDS. I am announcing this everywhere because I’m very excited about it. I released a new zine today! Read it here! Read all my zine things at wizardzines.com!

This zine is about some of my favorite Linux debugging tools, especially tools that I don’t think are as well-known as they should be. It covers strace, opensnoop/eBPF, and dstat! netcat, netstat, tcpdump, wireshark, and ngrep! And there’s a whole section on perf because perf is the best.

If you don’t know what any of those tools I just mentioned are – PERFECT. You are who this zine is for!!! Read it and find out why I love them! Also, a lot of these tools happen to work on OS X :)

I’ve been really delighted to see that a ton of people have enjoyed & learned something new from this zine, whether they just started using Linux (!!!) or have been debugging on Linux for 10 years.

As usual, there are 3 versions. If you print it, you can print as many as you want! Give them to your friends! Teach them about tcpdump!

The cover art is by Monica, who is the best.

Thanks to my amazing partner Kamal Marhubi for endless reviews, and many many other people. It turns out that a zine project takes a long time! I do not even know how people write books.

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