Julia Evans

Day 24: Unit testing this TCP library

Today in morning checkins I realized I’d been having a lot of trouble testing this TCP library yesterday, because all of the tests needed to use the network.

So now I have better unit tests which don’t need to sleep and use the network! I did this by adding a MockListener class which takes packets.

The actual sending-packets-over-the-network tests no longer pass, because right now I’m just writing to the mock unit tests. But now the tests are

a) faster (0.009 seconds instead of 5 or 10), and b) deterministic (they do the same thing every time)

So this is much better. The implemention is still pretty much a scattered mess. I tried to deal with replies to packets and completely failed. I’m at the point where I have no idea of how to implement this TCP state machine.

My plan for fixing this is to read this tiny implementation of TCP – it’s about 1000 lines of C. Right now I have about 100 lines of Python, and I don’t even have to unpack the packets or anything because scapy does that.

Day 22: Got some TCP packets back! Women in Technology workshop at PyData NYC