Julia Evans

A zine about strace

UPDATE: this zine and more can now be found at wizardzines.com

As some of you might have heard, I wrote a zine to teach people about how to debug their programs using strace a while ago! I was originally going to mail it out to people, but it turns out I’m too lazy to mail anything.

So instead, you can download, print, fold, and staple it yourself today! It should work if you print it double-sided with short edge binding on letter paper. Also if you print an initial master copy, you can take it to a copy shop and get them to make many copies for you.

Give it to your friends/colleagues/students to teach them about strace! Send me pictures! Tell me what you think! <3

Here’s the pdf. Have fun. (there’s also a landscape version)

You can also read it on your computer. But printing it is better! =D

Learning at open source sprints (no preparation required) AdaCamp Montreal 2015