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Pages that didn't make it into "How DNS Works"

Hello! A couple weeks ago I released a new zine called How DNS Works.

When I started writing that zine (in, uh, January 2021), I originally had in mind a broader zine on “everything you need to know to own a domain”. So it had a bunch of pages on domain registration, TLS, and email.

At the time I thought “I can just explain DNS in like 5 pages, it’s not that complicated, there will be lots of space for other topics about domains”. I was extremely wrong about that and it turned out I needed all 28 pages to explain DNS. So I ended up deciding to just focus the zine on DNS and all those other topics didn’t make it into the final zine.

This morning it occurred to me that instead of letting all of the old draft pages languish in purgatory on my hard drive, I could post those extra pages here all together on my blog. So here they are!

disclaimer: not super cohesive

I will say (as a disclaimer) that these pages aren’t as cohesive as I usually like my zines to be and they definitely do not tell you everything you need to need to know to own a domain.

domain registration


I should say that these 2 pages don’t really do email justice – email security is a HUGE topic that honestly I don’t know a lot about.


These two pages also don’t remotely cover TLS, it’s possible I’ll write more in depth about TLS at some point. Who knows!

that’s all!

though I will say: if you liked these, you might be interested in buying How DNS Works :)

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