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Category: recurse center 2013

How I spent my time at the Recurse Center
How I did Hacker School: ignoring things I understand and doing the impossible
Hacker School's Secret Strategy for Being Super Productive (or: Help.)
"How was Hacker School?"
Day 46: Never Graduate
Day 45: I now have Rust code for executing executables!
Day 44: qemu + gdb = so great
Day 42: How to run a simple ELF executable, from scratch (I don't know)
Day 41: Linkers are upsetting
Day 39: Writing malloc wrong, for fun
Day 40: 12 things I learned today about linkers.
Day 40: Linkers are amazing.
Day 38: After 6 days, I have problems that I can't understand at all
Day 37: After 5 days, my OS doesn't crash when I press a key
Day 36: On programming without malloc
Day 35: Types in Rust, for beginners
How to call Rust from assembly, and vice versa
Videos from PyData NYC are up!
What happens when you run 'Hello, world'
Writing a kernel using rustboot & rust-core
Day 34b: Writing curl using my TCP stack
Day 34: The tiniest operating system
Day 33: How to make music with ClojureScript
Day 32: Magical Orchestra!!!
Day 31: Binary trees with core.logic!
Day 30: Making music in Clojure with Overtone. Clojure bugs with laziness! Fun!
Day 29: Trying out Emacs!
Day 28: Made a git workflow visualization webapp!
Day 27: Automatically testing changes in state! Visualizing my Git workflow! Floats!
Day 25: ACK all the things
Day 26: Trying to describe the TCP state machine in a readable way. Failing.
Women in Technology workshop at PyData NYC
Day 24: Unit testing this TCP library
Day 22: Got some TCP packets back!
Day 23: Started writing a TCP stack in Python
NYC Python talk
Day 21: Trying to TCP
Day 19: A few reasons why networking is hard
Day 20: Traceroute in 15 lines of code using Scapy
Day 18: ARP cache poisoning (or: In ur connection, sniffing ur packets)
Day 17: How to write a buffer overflow exploit
Day 16: gzip + poetry = awesome
Do Rails programmers use node.js? Visualizing correlations in command usage
Day 15: How a .gz file is structured, redux
Day 14: When it's hard to write tests, that's when I should be testing
Day 13: Off by one errors
Day 12: Why Julia likes Julia
Day 10: Goals. Goals? Maybe I need to be *reading* more code?
Day 11: How does gzip work?
Day 9: Bytecode is made of bytes! CPython isn't scary!
Day 8: Julia writes Julia! And remembers that open source is hard.
Day 7: An echo server in Clojure
Day 6: I wrote a rootkit!
Day 5: I wrote a kernel module!!!
Where to find bike sharing systems' data feeds
Day 4: Processes vs threads, and kernel modules!
Day 3: What does the Linux kernel even do?
Day 2: netcat fun!
Day 1: What does a shell even do?
Hacker School Day 1: Messing around with the stack in C
Hacker School Day -4: unit testing in C. checkmk!