Julia Evans

Category: rc 2020

Day 57: Trying to set up GitHub Actions
Day 56: A little WebAssembly
Day 53: a little nginx, IPv6, and wireguard
Day 52: testing how many Firecracker VMs I can run
Day 51: Fixed my logging and made a couple of puzzles
Day 50: Building some tarballs for puzzles, and trying to make a kernel boot faster
Day 49: making the VMs boot faster
Day 48: Another Go program, and a little vim configuration
Day 47: Using device mapper to manage Firecracker images
Day 46: debugging an iptables problem
Day 44: Building my VMs with Docker
Day 43: Building VM images
Day 42: Writing a Go program to manage Firecracker VMs
Day 41: Trying to understand what a bridge is
Day 40: screen flickering & a talk about containers
Day 39: Customizing gotty's terminal
Day 38: Modifying gotty to serve many different terminal applications at once
Day 37: A new laptop and a little Vue
Day 35: Launching my VMs more reliably
Day 34: Learning about qemu
Day 33: pairing is magic and beautiful git diffs
Day 32: A Rails model that doesn't use the database with ActiveHash
Day 24: a short talk about blogging myths, and a debugging tip
Day 23: a little Rails testing
Day 22: getting OAuth to work in Rails
Day 21: wrangling systemd & setting up git deploys to a VM
Day 19: Clustering faces (poorly) using an autoencoder
Day 20: trying to figure out how Google Cloud IAM works
Day 18: an answer to an autoencoder question
Day 17: trying to wrap my head around autoencoders
Day 13: BPTT, and debugging why a model isn't training is hard
Day 11: learning about learning rates
Day 10: Training an RNN to count to three
Day 9: Generating a lot of nonsense with an RNN
Day 8: Start with something that works
Day 5: drawing lots of faces with sketch-rnn
Day 3: an infinitely tall fridge
Day 2: Rails associations & dragging divs around
Day 1: a confusing Rails error message
I'm doing another Recurse Center batch!